4 Things You Should Never Put In Storage Units In Jacksonville FL

You know how useful storage units in Jacksonville FL can be in order to house your unwanted or seasonal items for the time being. Of course, there are plenty of items that you should never place in storage, and though, some may be pretty self-explanatory, others may come as a surprise to certain people. In fact, you’ll discover with time that certain items are also restricted and against the law to store in a storage unit.

Without further ado, here are the top four items:

1. Food is probably the most frequently overlooked item when people choose to use a self-storage unit. This usually entails leaving pet food because you simply have so much of it that you have nowhere else to put it. However, you need to be realistic about what would happen to that food while left in a confined space for long periods of time. Not only will it start to rot and smell, but it will start to attract rodents and insects alike. These pests can easily damage the rest of your storage unit and make no mistake that a pest infestation is absolutely possible in a confined storage facility!

2. You should never place any potentially hazardous materials inside of storage units in Jacksonville FL. Many are labeled as such on their containers, but you should never place anything that may be a questionable health risk or can cause damage to the property in a short amount of time. There are many common examples of such materials that should be avoided such as paint, cleaners, pesticides, car batteries, aerosol cans, chemicals, motor oils, and charcoal. Additionally, never place yard equipment materials inside of the unit that are still containing fuel. Lastly, firearms of any type are not permitted.

3. Avoid placing any scented or wet items inside of the storage unit. Not only can damp items or scented items emit a strong odor that can attract insects, rodents or other pests, but people will want to investigate where the odor is coming from. Anything that’s wet or contains water is very likely to attract mildew, mold, and bacteria that can easily spread to the rest of your unit and damage your belongings.

4. This rule is fairly simple: don’t put any items in your storage unit that are of high value. Value of course is different for anyone as some items may bear a heavy sentimental value, but placing expensive jewelry or masterpiece paintings is never a good idea. Even if the security in the entire storage facility is top-notch, you never want to push your luck and give people a reason to start checking out your unit.

Now that you know what not to put inside of your storage unit, it’s important that you act wisely and preserve the integrity of storage facilities across America. Not only are many of these items dangerous for you, but they can harm the entirety of the storage facility and land you in a great deal of trouble.